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"Cool vibes, love from Cali, you sound really good!"” - Chris Simpson (California)
"Amazing, you and your song, it's truly amazing! Congratulations on this job, keep going like that!"” - Miguel Magalhaes (Portugal)
"Mind-blowing! So emotional and raw!"” - Milica M (Serbia)


Alexandia is a singer/songwriter born in Belgrade, Serbia.

She released her first single "Today Is Our Day" a catchy, straightforward tune, full of spontaneous emotions, vividness, and fun, in October 2019.

Having a natural talent for jazz music, as a young artist she performed regularly on Belgrade's local scene.
Raised in various cultures such as Peruvian and Iraqi, she also developed a strong affinity for Latin and Oriental music. 

A love ballad "One Simple Day In My Bed" from her debut album "TOGETHER" an initiation into Indie-Pop music, is out now!


One Simple Day In My Bed

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Today Is Our Day


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